Firm Profile

The financial advisers and accounting firm Bachri and Co. was established in 2004.

The firm provides a variety of services: accountancy, advanced tax planning, business consulting and financial guidance for corporations, partnerships, associations and individuals. We emphasize understanding our clients’ needs, providing creative and effective solutions along with personal service of the top professional level.

The firm provides professional service without compromising quality, in a wide variety of fields, enabling comprehensive and inclusive solutions for business management and all under one professional umbrella. The wide professional team at the firm is composed of CPA’s, economists, tax specialists, accountants, senior payroll accountants, and accountancy trainees. The firm enjoys a variety of clientele including government offices, public companies, private companies, partnerships, associations, self-employed individuals, and free-lance professionals.

We provide professional services for all business: trade and services, manufacturing and industry, tourism and restaurants, energy and infrastructures, yielding real estate, insurance and finances, internet and telecommunication, vehicles and transport and more.
The firm specializes in the following:
- Accountancy
- Solutions and Tax Planning
- Financial, Business and Economic Consulting
- Establishment, accompaniment and betterment of businesses

Our main office is located in Tiberias, Galilee (map attached)

We will be happy to be at your service professionally and personally at all times.

Bachri & Co. Accounting and Financial Advisers
1 Rabin (Rassco) Square, 2nd floor, Tiberias 14207, PO Box 1815
Tel. +972-4-6720773 (multi-lineal), Fax. +972-4-6720774

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